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Quietside On-Demand Tankless Hot Water Heater

Tired of racing out of your shower before the hot water runs out?

Need more closet space?

Finally, a hot water heater for the 21st century. It’s green, lean, and able to deliver hot water when you need it for a fraction of the cost of traditional tank based units. This energy-star compliant solution achieves a 92% efficiency rating which makes it one of the most cost effective on the market. Add to that its small, wall-mountable form factor and you may finally get to reclaim that closet space you so desperately need!

Note that this is a fully tested and mature heating solution, not some unproven bleeding edge technology.   We watched as the folks at Quietside conducted a 5 year testing and qualification process which has taken an already a brilliant original design, and made it even more efficient and reliable.  Microprocessor control and redundant sensors monitor water temperature and flow rate keeping the unit within 2 degrees of the set point at all times.   In our humble opinion, this is the most reliable tankless hot water heating system, with the lowest overall installation cost on the market today.

For those who appreciate fine engineering, this unit has even more to admire.

  • Tired of trying to work out the venting arrangements for a tankless water heater?

The S Line Heat Exchangers reduce flue gas temperatures to approximately 130°F allowing the use of Schedule 40 PVC intake piping.  Up to 45 equivalent Feet of 3” or 4” venting with a maximum of 3 elbows can be used.  Not only is Schedule 40 PVC  simple to work with, it attaches directly to the vent connections on the unit and to the termination kit (provided). This means that the piping for your installation is a fraction of the cost of the Stainless venting required on other Tankless units.  No longer does the venting cost as much as the tankless water heater.  Easy and quick venting can now be done both vertically and through the sidewall, with very little hassle.

  • Wish you had installed the Isolation Valve kit for easy servicing?

Everybody knows that using an Isolation Valve kit is the best way to install a Tankless Water Heater.   Quietside is happy to provide an Isolation Valve kit, plus an ASME Pressure Relief valve with every tankless water heater sold.  Servicing and Maintenance just got a whole lot easier.

  • Can’t work out what accessories you need to install one of these?

With this unit, you pretty much only need the piping to complete the installation.  Quietside provides the Termination kit and the Isolation Valves with the unit. The only accessory you need to worry about is the easy to install LP gas conversion kit.

  • If this unit is so great, how good is the warranty?

The Quietside tankless water heater is now backed by a 12 year Heat Exchanger and 5 year Parts warranty, plus Technical Support and training programs for installers that are recognized as some of the best in the industry.

Several different models insure that you have the flow and recovery rate that is right for your dwelling whether you are in a Studio apartment or 3 bedroom home.   Call a crosstown professional for a consultation and discussion of sizing so we can put you into the least costly solution for your needs.


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