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As a plumbing supply company we can offer the same kitchen cabinets as the installers and designers do, but at a significant discount.

We carry several lines of kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets are chosen by us because they are all of excellent quality and great for the most budget sensitive consumers, as well as those interested in higher end design. Whatever you choose, our discounted kitchen cabinets will come at a significant savings over those found at other retailers and installers. By purchasing your kitchen from Crosstown you “cut out the middleman” and that savings comes to you

In addition to having beautiful cabinets to choose from, our representative will help you measure and select your cabinets so you are assured that your order arrives correctly the first time. Crosstown’s kitchen design professionals have over 30 years experience with design and a broad knowledge of installation. Let us come to your home, measure and create a floor plan for your kitchen free of charge to you. Take a look at some of these photos to help you with ideas for your own renovation project.

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Efficiency, flexibility, and a bit of fun is the recipe for today’s kitchen. More varied than ever, kitchen design features sophisticated new colors, styles and innovative components. In many homes, the kitchen is evolving into an all-purpose room, including a dining table or breakfast booth, computer desk, entertainment area, fireplace and even a laundry center.

The decision to undertake a kitchen renovation is a big one. It requires a commitment of both time and money. However, it is well worth the strain of living through seemingly endless mess, inconvenience, and tramping through your home by the work crew. The results can be spectacular.

You should most definitely obtain professional assistance with your floor plan. The floor plan will serve as a guide for your entire project. Crosstown has experienced kitchen designers on staff who can help you create a floor plan that best suites your space. When it’s time to get the job done we can also recommend skilled, competent tradesmen for your project needs.

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