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Crosstown Plumbing is your one-stop shop for the largest selection of water heating or heating system boilers in the Tri-State Area. We stock Cast Iron Boilers, Steel Boilers, Replacement Boilers, High efficiency boilers and both Hot Water Heaters and Steam Boilers in NJ for both commercial and residential use.

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Somewhere in our product line, there is a boiler that is perfect for your application. Spring is the perfect time to replace that ancient, low efficiency heating boiler in your basement, with one of the new high efficiency models that are available. Standard boilers heat water to constant 180 degrees and have a maximum efficiency of 84% regardless of the AFUE rating. But newer models achieve efficiencies of close to 95% by regulating the water temperature based on the outside air temperature. These newer, computer controlled boilers will generally result in a 16% reduction in monthly energy consumption. Newer boilers may also quality for New Jersey’s clean energy program, and may be eligible for rebates. See this link for more information:

Our replacement boiler models can be run from electricity, gas, or oil, and can be integrated into almost any existing application. Heating system boilers can usually be upgraded to serve as Hot water supply as well providing an integrated solution that may be less costly to operate than traditional tank based systems.

Hydronic heating for Allergy sufferers.

Hydronic heating for Allergy sufferersIf you or a member of your household suffers from allergies then a hydronic heating system may be perfect for you. Traditional forced hot air systems literally blow dust and microscopic allergens around your house. This happens regardless of what electrostatic or HEPA filters may be operating on the forced hot air system because the venting used to distribute the air becomes the very breeding ground for the mold spores and other pathogens you are sensitive to. And so called UV lighting deterrents have absolutely no scientific data proving their effectiveness at controlling the growth of the most severe allergens and airborne bacteria.

It turns out that the best way to eliminate allergens in your house is to simply eliminate the movement of the air, and take away the breeding grounds for bacteria. Hydronic heating system offers absolutely no breeding ground for dust mites, mold spores, pollen and other toxic particles. As a result homes that are heated with in floor radiant heat or baseboard heat have the lowest amount of airborne particles and the least effect on allergy sufferers. So if your need is better indoor air quality, hydronic heat is the perfect choice.

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