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Bathroom Plumbing: Need to Know Tips

Bathroom Plumbing_ Need to Know Tips

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently-used rooms in your home, so it’s no surprise that it requires some extra attention from time to time. Bacteria can build up quickly so regular deep cleanings, and quick wipe downs are recommended. In addition to keeping your bathroom space clean its best to stay ahead of maintenance. Waiting until something breaks

DIY faucet change

Your DIY guide to changing a faucet

Over the last two years, with many of us shifting to working remotely full-time and spending way more time at home than usual, lots of people have been undertaking DIY home improvement projects, including changing leaky or loose faucets. DIY faucet change is a relatively straightforward project to take on, and in this article we’ll walk you through the steps

Essential Tips to Remodel your Bathroom

Essential tips for remodeling your bathroom

If it’s time to remodel your bathroom, it can be overwhelming to know the best place to start. Before doing anything else we recommend you decide your budget, because during a bathroom remodel, most of your decisions will be made according to how much you can really spend.  Our experts at Cross Town Plumbing have years of experience remodeling all

Is It Time to Upgrade your Kitchen?

Everything you need to know about upgrading your kitchen

Are you ready for a kitchen upgrade? For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home and serves as a social hub for family and friends. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal together, spending an evening playing board games, or sitting around the kitchen table on a cold night with warm cups of tea, most of

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