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4 myths about air conditioning – Busted!

For many of us, an air conditioning system isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity for escaping the stifling heat of a New Jersey summer. There’s a huge amount of advice around about how to best use your air conditioner, but not all of it actually works. Here are some of the the top myths explained by your local New Jersey plumbing supply company.

  1. It’s more efficient to leave your air conditioner running than to turn it off when you leave: This may be true if you’re going to be out for less than 30 minutes, but otherwise it’s false. Leaving your AC running all day when you’re at work just forces the air compressor – the part of the AC that uses the most energy – to work overtime. To save money but still get the benefit of walking into a lovely, cool home, put your AC on a timer to ensure that it restarts 30 minutes before you get home.
  2. The bigger the air conditioner, the better the results: Buying a HVAC system that is too big for your home is almost as bad as buying one that is too small. The best way to cool your home efficiently, quickly and on a budget is to buy a high-efficiency unit that is the perfect size for your space.
  3. Installation doesn’t affect performance: In reality, where you place your AC unit is as important as the type of unit you buy. For example, don’t place it near lights or appliances as the heat they give off can affect the thermostat’s ability to read the room temperature. Also, try and install it on the shadiest side of your home, as direct sunlight can heat your unit up and force it to use more energy to cool incoming air.
  4. The lower you set the thermostat, the quicker your room will cool: Unless your air conditioner features variable speed air handlers, this won’t actually work. Instead, the temperature will just cool at the same rate but you’ll force the unit to use more energy to try get to a lower temperature.

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