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4 reasons why granite is the top selling kitchen countertop

There are always new trends when it comes to kitchen countertops but none of them have managed to unseat that wonderful natural stone, granite. Granite kitchen countertops are at the top of the list for the majority of homebuyers and renovators, and it is easy to see why this product remains unbeatable.

  • It’s hardwearing and low maintenance: Kitchen countertops have to put up with constant use, heat, abrasive implements and frequent cleaning, so it’s important that they are strong enough to be fully functional and look as good as new after a long day. Granite has a unique interlocking crystal structure that is responsible for it’s grainy look as well as it’s strength, making it more durable and less porous than almost any other material.
  • Wide range of colors: Due to the variety of crystals that make up granite, the stone is available in a huge range of different colors, so it’s easy to find one that suits your design. From the most popular salt-and-pepper pattern to browns, reds, white, pink, blues and even metallic colors, granite has it all.
  • It’s affordable: Granite prices vary from color to color as they are found in different quantities in regions around the world. Some of the most popular colors are very affordable at around $100 per square foot, while more rare types can range up to $250.
  • It’s available wholesale: If you want to stretch your remodeling budget and get the most for your money, you can buy your granite at wholesale prices. This means that you can afford granite countertops – or a more unusual type of granite – without breaking your budget. Wholesalers are able to get their products directly from suppliers, thereby cutting out the expensive markups that you’ll see in high-street stores.

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