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5 signs you and your home can benefit from a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers work to remove excess water from the air in the environment around them. This moisture can cause a wide range of issues for homeowners if it goes untreated, so if you are experiencing any of these problems, it might be time to invest in an air conditioning systems with a dehumidifier.

  1. Mold: Dark spots on your ceilings, floors, inside cupboards or on your floors and baseboards indicates a mold issue. While professionals can treat the mold, if the excess moisture isn’t removed it will simply grow back. This is a big problem because it can trigger allergies as well as toxic reactions.
  2. Musty smells: Every house smells a little stuffy and musty if it’s been locked up for a long time, but if you notice a smell in general, inside cupboards or after the house has been closed up for a short while, you likely have a moisture problem. If it is not due to a leak, it’s likely due to a lot of moisture in the air, which can be solved with a dehumidifier.
  3. Dampness in your foundation or basement: This can occur seasonally when there is heavy rain or snowmelt, and it’s important that these structural parts of your home are kept dry during this time. Installing a dehumidifier will help prevent cracks, leaking and mold.
  4. Rotting wood: Wooden doors and frames will start decaying if they are exposed to a lot of moisture, even if that moisture is just in the air itself. Repairing and sealing the frames will help, but only a dehumidifier will help remove the source of the problem itself.
  5. You’re struggling to dry clothing: If you hang your washing indoors but are finding that it stays damp for a long time or even develops a musty smell, then excess water in the air is to blame. This is very common during wet seasons or in basements, and can easily be corrected by the installation of a dehumidifier. Not only will it take the excess moisture out of the air itself, it will also remove excess water that evaporates as your laundry dries.

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