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5 Signs You Need to Call in a Furnace Repair Specialist

At this time of year in New Jersey, the last thing home and business owners want is a broken furnace. While regular maintenance is key to keeping your furnace in good working condition, it’s no guarantee. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call in a specialist who can either repair or replace your furnace:

  1. Your energy bills are increasing: High bills aren’t only the result of gas/electric price hikes or increased use – they can be due to a furnace that’s getting too old. As furnaces age they lose their efficiency, costing you more and more to maintain their output. A new, high efficiency furnace will use less fuel and can make you eligible for New Jersey’s clean energy program’s rebates, saving you even more.
  2. More repairs, more often: Old furnace parts become worn and broken, leading to necessary repairs. While some repairs are expected, if you find you are constantly calling out a specialist to repair yet another problem, it adds up.
  3. Yellow burner flame: Your furnace flame should burn a steady blue, so if it’s flickering or burning yellow, it’s important to call in a specialist as soon as possible as this could mean your furnace is emitting poisonous carbon monoxide.
  4. Your home or business feels dry and dusty: Old furnaces lack the ability to clean the air in your environment or maintain good levels of humidity. This can make it uncomfortable for people breathing this air, causing dry eyes and skin, increased allergy issues and static electricity.
  5. Odd noises and smells: Creaking, vibrations, rattling and strange odors coming from your furnace means that it needs thorough maintenance and repairs. This should always be checked by a professional as it could indicate serious problems with your furnace, including worn ball bearings, oil inside the combustion chamber or a damaged blower belt.

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