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AC Coil Cleaning – Everything You Need to Know

Cleaning air conditioners is a necessary part of keeping them in good working order – and keeping your home feeling comfortable through the heat of the summer. Here are some tips from our team who specializes in air conditioners in New Jersey on how to clean your AC coils.

Why it’s Important 

Not only does cleaning the AC coils keep your system running smoothly, it also lowers maintenance costs and the risk of needing more expensive repairs. Regularly cleaned and maintained AC units use less energy and also last longer, so you won’t have to upgrade until you want to do so.

How Often Should I Clean Air Conditioner Coils in NJ? 

Generally, an annual cleaning in the spring is enough for most units, but if you are a heavy user of your air conditioning system or it’s an older model, it’s a good idea to clean them once in the spring and once later in the summer.

Similarly, if your property is located in a windy or dusty environment, or where debris (including garden clippings and leaves) are fairly heavy, you’ll also have to clean them more regularly.

If you feel your air conditioning system isn’t performing as efficiently as it should, it’s a good sign that it’s time for the coils to get cleaned.

How to Clean Air Conditioning System Coils 

Fortunately, this is a fairly easy – although important – job. Don’t use any abrasive or high-pressure equipment or cleaning supplies that are not specifically recommended for AC coils as they are fairly delicate and can be damaged easily. Instead, simply hose them down thoroughly and clear away any debris or dirt around the unit. If that doesn’t help and you’re still worried about your system’s performance, it’s time to come in and speak to the specialists.

HVAC System and Air Conditioners – Parts and Units – in New Jersey 

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