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Accidentally Flushing Something Down The Toilet

What To Do When Something Is Accidentally Flushed Down The Toilet

We’ve all had it happen to us before. Maybe the clasp on your bracelet broke or it slipped off your wrist? Perhaps your toddler decided it was a great idea to submerge one of their toys? Or maybe you knocked something off the bathroom counter and straight  into the toilet? Whatever the case might be, if something has been accidentally flushed down the toilet in your house, here are the steps you should take next: 

Try Reaching For It With A Bent Hanger

Take a wire hanger and fashion it into a nearly-straight line, and mold one end into a small hook shape. Insert the hooked end into the toilet to try and retrieve the lost object, but be very careful that you don’t further push it down into your pipes. If the item in your toilet is metal, affix a small magnet to the end of the hangar to remove it easier. 

Try A Plunger

Never underestimate the power of a good old fashioned plunger. The gentle pressure from a plunger is often enough to dislodge objects stuck in your toilet, especially larger objects that don’t move too far down your pipes.

Remove The Toilet

Turn off your toilet’s water supply and remove the lid from the tank. Next, use a scoop or a wet vacuum to remove all remaining water from the tank and the bowl. Remove the screws or bolts from the bottom of the toilet, detach the water supply line from the tank, and then gently lay the toilet on its side. You can then look up into the toilet and retrieve your flushed item. 

Last Resort: Call A Plumber

It’s usually best to call a professional plumber, especially when you’ve tried several of the above steps and nothing is working. An expert plumber will retrieve the item without causing any unnecessary damage to your toilet or your pipes, and they have experience with even the most serious clogs. 

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