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Can You Benefit from a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a device that sucks in air from its environment, removes excess water and then circulates the dryer air. So, what are the benefits of having less humid air in your home? Find out from our dehumidifier team in New Jersey.

  • Humidity makes you feel hot and uncomfortable: That awful sticky, sweaty feeling you get in the summer months even on a cooler day? That’s humidity. Very humid air can make you feel 3-18 degrees hotter (50% – 80% humidity), which is bad for comfort and productivity.
  • Humidity can damage your home: Excess water is bad for your home and your belongings. It can make paint peel, wood start to warp, corrode metal and even cause photographs to fade.
  • Humidity is a home for mold and bacteria: Homes with excess humidity are the perfect environment for mold, dust mites and bacteria growth, which are dangerous to your health and can damage your belongings, including furniture, carpets and clothing. Humidity levels need to be kept below 50% to keep them away.

The ideal level of humidity in your home should be around 45% and, while air conditioning systems do remove some water from the air, they are designed for cooling and air circulation rather than removing moisture.

Signs that your home’s humidity levels are too high include musty smells and mold spots, condensation beading on your windows, rotting wooden window frames, and poor home air quality. This is especially noticeable if you experience allergy symptoms in your home.

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