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Common plumbing myths busted by our plumbing supply company

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  1. Off the shelf solutions always work: While some miracle-in-a-bottle plumbing solutions do work, it really depends on the problem. Most of the time, these products treat the symptoms, not the underlying issue, which will only get worse over time.
  2. Leaky taps are normal: In fact, a dripping tap can waste over 2,000 gallons of water a year! That’s a lot of water to waste, and a lot extra to pay on your utilities bill. Usually these issues are fairly simple to fix, so ask your local plumbing supply company for a lasting fix.
  3. Everything can be flushed down a toilet: Clogs in your toilet system are one of the worst things for homeowners to deal with, so it’s best to avoid them. The best way to do that? Don’t flush anything down the toilet other than your human waste and toilet paper. Even items labelled as flushable, like wipes, are often too durable to dissolve properly and move down the sewer line. This is an especially important rule if you have a septic tank.
  4. Putting ice blocks in your garbage disposal sharpens the blades: In reality, garbage disposals don’t have blades. Instead, they have an impeller that has fairly dull edges but effectively grinds away waste when it rotated against the grinder ring. Ice blocks can’t have any effect on this process but, due to their hardness, may actually damage your disposal.
  5. All plumbers can do all plumbing work: When looking for a plumber, it is important to find a reputable  plumbing services provider who can deal with your specific issue. Some plumbers specialize in remodeling services, others in household emergency services, and others in severe drain issues or commercial plumbing. If you are unsure of who to call in your area, speak to the team at Crosstown Plumbing Supply and we will recommend a trusted service provider.


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