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Don’t let the stack effect increase your heating bills this winter

As the cold weather sets in, homeowners turn to their furnaces to keep warm. If you are finding yourself turning your heat up higher than your neighbors, or that you just can’t seem to keep your home properly warm, it may not be your furnace’s fault – it could be the result of the stack effect. Find out what this is all about from our HVAC system specialists.

What is the stack effect? 

This is an effect that occurs in two-story or higher homes when the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, resulting in an effect where the structure of the building itself acts like a giant chimney and fennels heat up and out of your home.

Cold air – especially New Jersey winter air – is substantially denser than the warm air that your furnace is producing. This cold air enters your home at its base, pushing the warm air up towards the roof and, eventually, out of it. This actually creates a circular system that then drives more air into your home from below, intensifying the draft.

What is the result? 

Not only does this mean your home is losing hot air quickly, making your furnace work harder and driving up your energy bill, the effect can also damage your home’s structure. Updrafts can become very strong (it’s why revolving doors were invented for skyscrapers!) and put pressure on fine cracks, as well as weaknesses in your masonry and weather proofing. These cracks make your home even more vulnerable to cold air entering the structure, making your heating problem worse over time.

How to prevent the stack effect 

The simplest and easiest way to prevent this issue is by insulating your home properly. While it is important to extend this insulation to your basement, it is actually your ceiling insulation that is most important in preventing this effect – if the warm air can’t rise up out of the house, the cold air can’t enter. It’s best to check your insulation barrier between your top floor and your roof each year and fix any air leaks or degrading insulation for a more stable and energy-efficient home climate.

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