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Emergency plumbing solutions and safety tips for workers

As millions of people are practicing social distancing by staying at home, countless workers still work daily to keep our communities running. One of these essential workers is our plumbers, and most of the time, they are required to entire your premises. An individual’s home is their sanctuary from the outside world, and amid a pandemic, that refuge must be biologically secure. For that reason, we need to do whatever we can to preserve the home’s safety. That starts by limiting both the number of people going in and out and the number of times they do it. However, some essential services must go on, such as emergency plumbing.

So what precautions can you take to protect both you and the technicians? Here are a few tips to stay safe amid the spread of COVID-19:

Before the visit

Check with plumbers through the plumbing company if they have a policy of screening staff for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure each day before attending an emergency. Whenever the plumber arrives, make sure they wash their hands thoroughly for 30 seconds with soap and water before starting any services. 

During the visit

The plumber should wear gloves around the house, and both the plumber and occupant should cover any cough or sneeze (followed by hand rewashing). Plumbing services do not require close proximity, so maintain a 6-foot distance from each other as far as you can.

The plumber should also be careful to touch as few surfaces as possible. The client, as well as the service provider, should wear a mask at all times. To be extra cautious, if the plumber has supplies in packaging, they should discard the packaging outside the home and wash his or her hands immediately after handling it.

After the visit

Clients may want to clean and disinfect surfaces that the visitor touched, which are also frequently touched by the home occupants. This includes things like doorknobs, cabinets, toilets, and sinks. Antimicrobial wipes is a good option if they are available, a household disinfectant will also do the trick (make sure to follow the instructions on the label). You can also use household bleach by making a solution of one-third cup per gallon of water. The solution should remain on a surface for at least one minute before wiping also ensure that the room is well ventilated and you wear gloves.

Your safety is our priority

At Crosstown Plumbing Supply, we take the safety of our customers and technicians very seriously. Our team has been briefed and trained on our companies safety precautions. So during this time, we can safely assist you with replacing your home’s HVAC system, furnace or water heater with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency heating systems. With over 25 years of experience as a plumbing wholesaler in New Jersey, we’re the right partner for affordable home furnaces and boiler replacement. 

For more information about our specials on boiler replacement or to find out more about the boilers we can offer you, please visit our plumbing supply company website at http://crosstownplumbing.com/ today.

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