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Get the luxury bathroom you want without the price tag!

Thinking of planning a new renovation project in your New Jersey home? If you haven’t done them already, bathrooms are the ideal place to start! This is because they:

  • Have only a few necessary fixtures
  • Have a lot of scope for creativity
  • Can be done on a smaller or large budget
  • Add value to your home when they are renovated properly
  • Can usually be worked around during the renovation process, unlike, say, a kitchen
  • Adds considerable quality to your lifestyle

So, what are the biggest trends for bathroom remodels? 

  • Large showers: Big, airy showers with lots of glass are right on trend, giving homeowners a sense of exceptional luxury. Some homeowners are doing away with shower walls altogether for a completely open, European feel.
  • Light: Airy bathrooms that are full of light are a must-have for anyone that wants a true sanctuary. Not only does this increased airflow help keep bathrooms dry and mold-free, it also means loads of natural light and even a view if you’re lucky!
  • Quality cabinets and countertops: Usually, bathrooms don’t require too much in the way of storage and countertop space, so it’s easier for renovators to keep their spending low in this area while still getting some great quality pieces. Of course, you can reduce these costs even more by visiting your local wholesale plumbing fixtures supply company in NJ. They’ll have all the top bathroom brands, materials and fixtures – including fashionable and hardwearing granite countertops – without the high street cost!
  • Soaking tubs: Rather than a busy, bubbling Jacuzzi, renovators are choosing large soaking tubs for an added sense of serenity. Often, these tubs are freestanding rather than built in, with lines that give the tub plenty of character.
  • Separate vanities: Giving you each your own space to brush your teeth and store your own toiletries makes bathrooms less cluttered and much easier to use.
  • Heating: Heated towel rails and in-floor heating will keep you perfectly warm in winter even after you’ve stepped out of the bath or shower. They are also ideal for helping your towels to dry out faster!

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At Crosstown Plumbing Supply, we’re able to get vanities, cabinets, countertops, shower doors, faucets and porcelain fixtures directly from local and international manufacturers – ensuring that you get the same high quality fixtures without the high price tag. Due to extensive connections with a wide variety of manufacturers, we’re also able to offer you an extensive range of options all in one place – giving you more choice to suit your lifestyle, creative vision and budget. We’re also located in a 3.5% NJ sales tax zone, giving you an even better deal for your money.

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