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Help! My Boiler Is Leaking! – Here’s What to Do:

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Your residential boiler is one of the hardest-working appliances in your home. And, therefore, it can cause chaos if it starts leaking! Here are some tips on what to do when a boiler leak strikes, from your plumbing wholesalers in NJ.

Step One: Take Safety Precautions

Switch off the water and power supply to your boiler. The boiler power supply switch will be labeled on your home’s main power board. If the power has already tripped in your home, do not turn it back on. Water and electricity make a lethal mix, and you don’t want to put your safety at risk.

Step Two: Finding the Source of the Leak

First, determine if the leak is coming from any of the three most common sources of a boiler leak:

  1. The tank,
  2. The drain valve at the base of the tank, and/or
  3. The discharge tube from the pressure relief valve.

Step Three: Call in Local Emergency Plumbers

Find a 24/7 emergency plumber in your area and describe the leak to them. Depending on what area of your boiler is leaking, they may supply you with advice while you wait for them to arrive.

Step Four: Contain the Leak

Water damage can permanently damage your flooring, ceilings, and possessions, so try to limit this. Soak up water with old towels, place buckets under the leak and take other measures to remove the water quickly from your home. If your basement is flooding and you have a sump pump, turn it on.

Step Five: Get a Replacement Boiler and Parts from Plumbing Wholesalers

Plumbing wholesalers like our plumbing supply company offer the best possible prices on boiler replacement. Here, you’ll find boiler repair parts as well as residential boilers and commercial boilers, making boiler repair and boiler replacement easy and affordable.

Crosstown Plumbing Supply Company in NJ – Affordable Boiler Repair and Boiler Replacement

At Crosstown Plumbing Supply, we can either assist you with choosing a high-efficiency, low maintenance boiler replacement or provide you with an extensive range of plumbing supplies for boiler repair. As we are a plumbing wholesaler in a 3.5% sales tax zone, we can make your repairs and services the most affordable in town. Our sales consultants are highly experienced and happy to assist you with finding the right part for your needs, and we work closely with reliable, affordable plumbing professionals we are happy to recommend to our clients.

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