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How to Build an Outdoor Shower for Your Backyard

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Summer is on its way and one of the biggest trends for backyards is the outdoor shower. It’s a great way to enjoy nature, as well as a practical way to wash off boots, pets, or sand after a day in the yard or at the beach. Here are some insights on how to build your own outdoor shower from the specialists in plumbing supplies in New Jersey.

  • Location: Position your shower where it will have easy access to existing hot and cold water pipes. This makes installation easier and less expensive. Alternatively, position it with easy access to an existing outdoor water source (for example, your garden hose spigot) if you want a more basic shower system.
  • Privacy: Stand in the spot you’ve selected and consider what you’d need to make the space private. The idea is to be as outdoors as possible but still keep a decent amount of privacy. Some ideas include freestanding folding screens, shrubbery, partial walls or winged walls.
  • Drainage: The simplest solution is to ensure the water drains into your yard, making your shower eco-friendly. This means making sure that the base of the shower is slightly tilted away from your home, preventing water damage to your walls and foundation, and directing the water onto plants.
  • Accessories: An outdoor shower isn’t just functional, it’s an experience! Opt for a large, rainfall-type showerhead, encourage flowering plants to grow next to your shower, and use plenty of natural, rustic materials like rock and wood. Another good idea is some practical storage space – a spot to place your shampoo and toiletries, hang a towel or some dry clothes.

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