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How to Choose a Granite Countertop Color For Your Kitchen

Picking the right granite countertop color for your kitchen can be equally exciting and overwhelming. Do you pick a timeless, neutral shade or opt for a more dimensional and colorful granite slab? More importantly, where should you purchase your granite countertops from? Fortunately, Crosstown Plumbing can help with all of the above. Offering more than plumbing supplies, we also carry several lines of kitchen cabinets and a beautiful range of granite countertop color options. Let’s see what exactly you need to know about choosing the perfect granite countertop color for your home. 

Understanding Your Kitchen’s Color Palette  

Which element will you use as the basis for the kitchen’s color scheme? It can be the cabinets, floor, granite countertops, or even a piece of art you fell in love with years ago. There are two options when you select the granite countertop as the color palette foundation. You can pick granite countertops colors that match the kitchen’s dominant color or subtly highlight a palette color with granite patterns.

Role of Lighting in Granite Countertop Selection 

Quality granite countertops have a beautiful, glossy and smooth surface – which are only enhanced further by your kitchen lighting choices. You want sufficient task lighting to see the food you are preparing, but not something that creates a mirror effect on the granite. The light’s tone is also important. Cooler granite colors look better under lights with a blue tone, while warmer granite colors are highlighted by peach tones.  

Granite Patterns and Textures 

The wonderful thing about granite is that every countertop is unique. It is also easy to clean and resists stains, moisture, and heat – perfect for a busy kitchen! When you decide on a countertop for your kitchen, look beyond the color to the patterns and textures. Emerald Pearl is one of Crosstown’s popular granite options. It has a dark background with silver and white flakes and is a bold choice. Shivakashi, on the other hand, has more subtle reddish-brown flecks and stripes for a more neutral space.

Coordinating with Cabinets and Flooring 

The granite countertop you select should serve as a transitional surface between the floor, kitchen cabinets, and wall colors. Do you want a traditional kitchen? Choose countertops with colors and textures that subtly match your classic furnishings. When you want your modern kitchen to have a light, fresh look, select a Crosstown Imperial White granite countertop. You can also run the granite countertop partially up a wall for a more unified look. 

Explore Crosstown Plumbing’s Granite Countertop Color Options in NJ

Don’t hesitate to explore our granite countertop color options. Our team has the expertise to guide you towards the perfect granite countertop for your kitchen or bathroom vanity, and we can also install it. Remember, the best way to clean granite is to wipe it down with mild dish soap and water or a dedicated granite cleaner.

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