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How To Escape A Plumbing Nightmare When Christmas Is Over

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re undoubtedly busy making plans to celebrate. The last thing you want to think about is a plumbing emergency, but did you know that one of the most common emergencies we see year after year are clogged drains right after the holidays? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you keep your pipes clean and avoid expensive emergency calls to your local plumber. 

  • Be vigilant about what everyone puts down the kitchen drain. Your drains aren’t meant to be used as a garbage can for food scraps, oils, grease, and other leftovers from your holiday meals. Be sure your family and any Christmas guests you have don’t empty their plates down the kitchen sink. We recommend getting a drain screen to keep your pipes as clear as possible. You also may want to use a liquid drain cleaner before and after the holidays.
  • Keep your pipes insulated. Here in New Jersey, it can get pretty chilly. When your pipes are exposed to cold temperatures they can freeze, crack, expand, and burst, leaving you with a huge mess. To prevent frozen pipes we recommend wrapping them with insulation sleeves for protection.
  • Check all the toilets in your house before the holiday season. With people home from work and school, and a house full of friends and family, your bathrooms will be used much more than normal and should be in perfect working condition. Check for any drips, any running water, or any flushing issues and call a plumber if you think something is wrong.
  • Space out showers as much as possible. We know it can be difficult with a house full of people, but your shower drain needs time to drain properly after each person uses it. We recommend waiting twenty minutes between showers to avoid clogged shower drains, especially when you have more people than usual using the shower.

What causes clogged drains? 

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can put a big strain on your home plumbing. We often see clogs caused by the same several things around the holidays, including food scraps, excess cooking oil and grease being poured down the kitchen sink. Always scrape your plates into the garbage can first, and never pour oil or grease down the drain!

To ensure you’re fully prepared for any potential holiday plumbing emergencies, or if you have any questions, please contact Crosstown Plumbing today. Find out why so many industry professionals in New Jersey choose us as their trusted plumbing wholesaler. 


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