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How to fix low water pressure

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Low water pressure – also known as low flow – is a common and frustrating issue in New Jersey homes and businesses. From weakly running shower faucets to barely responsive taps, low water pressure can affect almost every area of your daily life. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem, say specialists at the leading plumbing supply company in New Jersey.

What causes low water pressure?

The first step to solving water pressure issues is to discover the exact cause. This can include:

  • Low municipal water pressure in your area – It’s best to ask your neighbors if they have a similar issue. This is a tricky issue to solve, but you can install a pressure boost system or install larger sized water pipes.
  • Pressure regulators – Sometimes your pressure regulator to your home can malfunction. This bell-shaped device is generally found at the front hose connection to your home. Replacing it is considered to be a project that should not be attempted through DIY and should be managed by an experienced professional.
  • Water leaks – You may have a leaking pipe on your property that is causing your drop in pressure. Shut off all the faucets in your home and garden, then read your meter. In a few hours, re-read your meter to see if there is any difference – if the usage has gone up, it’s time to call in a leak detection specialist.
  • Mineral deposits – Older homes and homes with galvanized pipes attract mineral deposits that build up inside the pipes and block water flow. This is especially problematic in hot water pipes from water heaters, which attract greater amounts of mineral deposits. First, try to clean out your faucet heads and showerheads and see if this improves the water pressure. If not, you will need to call in a professional plumber to assess your pipes properly.
  • Peak usage hours – If your water pressure is low when you shower in the morning but much higher during the day, then your area might be suffering from high water demand during peak hours. It’s best to try and change your schedule a bit to take pressure off the grid by watering the garden at a different hour or showering at night rather than in the morning.

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