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How to Make your Kitchen Remodel Eco-Friendly

7 of the best kitchen remodeling tips

Environmentally-friendly remodels are a huge trend at the moment for homeowners who want to update their kitchens and also reap the benefits of a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some tips from wholesale suppliers of granite and other kitchen countertops on how to achieve a green kitchen.

  • Recycled and earth-friendly countertops: There are plenty of sustainable materials available for your countertops, from recycled countertops (try IceStone, Eco by Consentino, Durat or Grenite), local wholesale granite countertops and eco-friendly laminates from leading brands to simply re-purposing the countertops you already have.
  • Sustainable cabinets: Recycling is a great option here, as many people upgrading their kitchens are happy to sell off their cabinetry for much less than what you’d pay in-store. Otherwise, look for formaldehyde-free woods, solid wood (sourced as locally as possible), recycled or reclaimed wood and FSC-certified cabinets.
  • Energy efficiency: Appliances are one of the most satisfying upgrades you can make for your kitchen, making it easier to get those dirty jobs done – unfortunately, they also use a huge amount of energy and can account for 10% of your home’s energy bill! Energy efficient appliances are very high-tech and far more affordable than you think, delivering great results while costing you – and the planet – less in the long run.
  • Water efficiency: Most people have bought into energy-efficient appliances, but what about water use? The right low-flow faucets can deliver the pressure you want but use 30% of the water a regular faucet would use – and in a kitchen, that adds up.

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