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How to prevent carbon monoxide leaks from your furnace

As winter moves into full swing, we all turn to our furnaces to keep us warm – but these same furnaces can be at risk of leaking carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas that carries serious health risks – including death – if inhaled. Here’s how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and keep your family safe, from our plumbing supply company in New Jersey.

  • Maintain your furnace: Carbon monoxide is only emitted from your furnace when it is not burning its fuel (gas, oil or wood) properly, or when vents are clogged or damaged. It’s important to have your furnace checked twice a year by professionals who will carry out a range of tests to see if there are any issues.
  • Install detectors – and test them: Place a carbon monoxide detector in each room of your home, as this will alert you with an alarm if high levels of the gas are present. These alarms should have a “Test” button that will tell you if it has enough power to operate or if the batteries need replacing. As with your furnace, these should be tested twice a year.
  • Replace your old furnace: If your furnace is over 15 years old, the risks of carbon monoxide leaks is higher simply due to age and wear, so it’s a good idea to start shopping for a replacement rather than waiting on a problem to occur. While this is a large initial expense, it will pay off in the long-term – not only will your new furnace be safer, it will also be more energy-efficient, reducing your energy bills for many years to come.
  • Know the symptoms: If you do have a leak, knowing the symptoms of poisoning is crucial. These include a dull headache, feeling weak, dizziness and nausea. Advanced symptoms include shortness of breath, confusion, blurred vision and loss of consciousness. If any of these symptoms are present, it’s important to turn off your heating and get the affected person out into fresh air and to a doctor.

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