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How to Prevent Condensation on Air Conditioning Ducts

Have you noticed condensation forming on your HVAC system? It’s summer and hot outside, so your air conditioner is likely working overtime to keep your space cool and comfortable, and you may have noticed that small drops of water have formed on your air ducts. This isn’t a sure-fire sign that something is wrong, but we do encourage you to investigate the problem and ensure it isn’t something more serious.

When humidity levels outside are high, the cold air flowing through the air duct often forms condensation, like a cold soda taken out of the refrigerator and left on the counter on a hot day. Condensation is natural and isn’t an automatic cause for alarm, and it can also be made worse by dirty air filters, poor insulation, and blocked ducts. Here’s how you can prevent condensation from forming on your air conditioning ducts:

  • Change your air filters every three months. It’s a common thing to forget but set a reminder for yourself and change your filters out to avoid them getting too dirty.
  • Clean your air ducts regularly to prevent blockage. When air can’t circulate freely through the vents it becomes colder, resulting in more condensation. We recommend having your air ducts cleaned properly every three to five years, and this is a job best left to professionals. 
  • Reduce humidity levels in the area around your air ducts. For ducts located in a crawlspace underneath your home, you can reduce moisture by covering the soil. If your ducts are located in your attic, check for any cracks or holes and seal them. In consistently humid climates, keeping a dehumidifier next to the air duct is often a good solution.
  • Check for leaks in your air duct by placing your hand on it and feel for any air escaping. You can also detect leaks using a pressure gauge. The bigger the leak, the more condensation you’ll see forming on your air ducts.

As mentioned, a small amount of condensation on your air ducts is normal, especially for humid climates and during the hot summer months. But we do recommend having your air ducts checked by a professional to ensure there isn’t a hidden issue that has the potential to turn into an expensive problem. Regular inspections and maintenance will keep your air systems clean and functioning properly.  

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