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How to remodel your bathroom on a budget – from sinks and vanities to faucets and more

Remodeling your home’s bathroom can be hard work. But, even if it’s your first project, with the right vision, you can create a stylish bathroom that fist your lifestyle and daily needs. More importantly, your hard work will bring years of joy and added value to your home.

If you’ve been looking at high street shops to see what they have to offer in the way of bathroom fittings, you’ve probably still trying to get over the sticker shock. You may have even started thinking about revising the scope of your project or even getting a loan to help expand your budget. Luckily, there is another option – Crosstown Plumbing Supply carries everything you need at great prices and with free expert advice.

Crosstown Plumbing Supply offers high quality bathroom vanities and fittings in New Jersey

As a plumbing supply company and wholesaler, we’re able to obtain vanities, cabinets, shower doors, faucets and porcelain fixtures directly from manufacturers – ensuring you get high quality fixtures without the sticker shock. Due to extensive connections with a wide variety of manufacturers, we’re also able to offer you an extensive range of options all in one place – giving you more choice to suit your lifestyle, creative vision and budget.

We also offer a selection of durable granite countertop options in a variety of colors to add a stylish and elegant touch to your project. If you need to renovate your water heating systems at the same time, we can assist you in choosing the right hot water boiler to suit your family’s needs.

In addition, we are located in a 3.5% NJ sales tax zone. Contact us today.

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