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How to save on home repairs, maintenance and remodeling

7 of the best kitchen remodeling tips

As any New Jersey homeowner knows, there’s always a job to be done. Whether you’re repairing and clearing gutters after a storm, repainting your walls or upgrading your kitchen, there’s always a lot to do and often not enough money to do it with. Here are some great ideas for maintaining and improving your home on a budget.

  • Repair in the off-season: As soon as summer arrives, demand for air conditioners and related services skyrocket – and often, so do the prices. If you want to upgrade to an energy efficient central or ductless air conditioner, do it in winter. You’ll find that there will be some great specials and you’ll get it installed in a fraction of the time.
  • Repair rather than replace: If replacing something isn’t essential, then repairing it is the more cost-effective option. Plumbing supply wholesalers can advise you on the different parts you’ll need for fixing up everything from your furnace and air conditioner to your leaky faucets. Even kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be repaired and repainted to look at good as new!
  • Purchase materials separately to labor: When you need a new boiler, for example, your plumber will be able to get one for you – but it is part of his business to make a profit off of that sale. If you visit a plumbing supply company, you can buy your new boiler at a low wholesale price and have it delivered directly to your home for your plumber to install.
  • Visit your local plumbing wholesaler: So your plumbing wholesaler can get you affordable boilers, furnaces and air conditioning units along with plumbing parts and tools – but did you know that they can help remodel your bathroom or kitchen as well? Crosstown Plumbing Supply has a wide range of top quality kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks, taps and accessories as well as granite counters. By cutting out the middleman and the high street showrooms, you’ll save significantly on your remodel.

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