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How to unclog a sink in 5 easy steps

Homeowners can unclog sinks themselves with the right plumbing supplies. There are many things that cause clogged sinks – they’re a disruption, they’re unsightly, they can stain the sink, and they often come with unpleasant smells. 

While there are serious clogs that will need a professional, most clogs can be fixed in five easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the sink stopper. The stopper is the small piece of metal you put into the drain to block it, and it’s very common for build-up to accumulate on the stopper. To disconnect the sink stopper, look under your sink and check for a metal strip with holes in it. Unscrew the nut that connects the metal strip to the drain pipe and pull out the rod, then you can disconnect the stopper.
  2. Clean the sink stopper. After you’ve disconnected the stopper, pull it out of the drain – you’ll probably want to wear gloves for this part because you’ll notice a lot of gunk has built up on the stopper. Clean the gunk off with a wet paper towel.
  3. Use a snake to remove any deeper clogs. A snake is a long metal rod with a hand crank at one end, and you can find one at any plumbing supply store. Lower the snake into the drain and use the hand crank to twist it around, allowing it to grab any clog-causing debris. Once you’ve twisted the snake around several times, slowly pull it out of the drain. Warning – what comes out may be very gross! Repeat this as many times as necessary to clear the pipe.
  4. Reconnect the sink stopper. But before you do this, run the water to check your sink is draining properly. You can reconnect the stopper the same way you disconnected it.
  5. Check the P-trap. This is the elbow-shaped piece of piping under the sink and the snake may not reach this far. Put a bucket underneath it, unscrew the connectors with a wrench, dump the water from the P-trap into the bucket, then reconnect the P-trap.

Buying supplies from a plumbing wholesaler

Plumbers and similar tradesmen can find everything they need at a reputable plumbing supply company. Plumbing wholesalers stock all the top brands, carry hard-to-find tools and other pieces of equipment for even the most difficult jobs, and have everything you need in one place, saving you from having to drive around town making multiple stops.

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