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Indoor air quality and your health

When NJ air conditioning suppliers and specialists talk about indoor air quality, we’re referring to how clean, healthy and comfortable the air in your home is to breathe. This is vitally important for homeowners and their families, as poor indoor air quality can increase your risk of short-term and long-term health issues.

What are the signs of poor indoor air quality? 

If you or other members of your household are suffering from allergy-type symptoms, including eye irritation, irritation of the nose and throat, dizziness, fatigue or headaches while in your home, then you need to check your air quality. These symptoms can be made worse by many pre-existing medical conditions, including asthma.

What can I do to improve my home’s or office’s indoor air quality? 

  • Keep humidity between 30 and 50%: This will limit the growth of mold as as well as the presence of dust mites, two of the biggest air quality health risks for both allergy-prone and non-allergic people. If your humidity is constantly high, installing a dehumidifier is a good investment. If it is too low, a humidifier can be installed to ensure a more comfortable environment.
  • Get air-filtering plants: Houseplants aren’t just pretty to look at, they’re also great at filtering pollutants out of air. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment while removing toxic compounds like ammonia, formaldehyde and xylene. The most effective plants that are also easy to care for include Garden Mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium), Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum), Dracaena (Dracaena spp.), Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea serfritzii) and Ficus (Weeping fig).
  • Install a modern, high-efficiency HVAC system: Homes in colder climates are becoming more energy efficient, which is good for our energy bills and comfort but also means that there is less fresh air entering our homes. This means that we need to install proper HVAC systems that ensure optimal ventilation throughout our homes and buildings without sacrificing comfort. These HVAC systems also have in-built filtration systems that ensure that outside air is cleaned of pollutants before entering our homes.

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