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Is your basement making your home warmer in summer?

The summer is in full swing, and for most homeowners this means one thing – cranking up the air conditioning system. However, this can mean a significant increase on your monthly energy bill. There are lots of ways to help combat this, but it means finding the source of the issue – which could be your basement, according to New Jersey HVAC system experts. Here’s why.

The reverse stack effect 

Heat always rises because it is lighter than cold air, which is why homeowners need to insulate their ceilings and attics if they want their properties to stay warm through the winter. This is called the Stack Effect.

In summer, however, we want to cool the air with air conditioners, and this denser air drops and can leak out of home through the basement, causing our air conditioners to run at their maximum output to try and maintain a cooler temperature. This is called the Reverse Stack Effect.

This not only means you spend more to run your air conditioner, it also puts a strain on the machine itself that results in higher wear, more repairs and more potential breakdowns.

Seal your basement to keep your home cool and comfortable in summer 

Whether you have a finished basement or not, it’s difficult to detect and plug all your air leaks – and even small leaks can result in a big difference in your energy bill. If you are unsure if your basement is properly sealed from air leaks, there are companies that can do a full technical analysis for your property known as an energy audit. The next step is to properly seal all leaks using high quality caulk, closed cell spray foam insulation or traditional insulation, as recommended by professionals.

High-efficiency air conditioning and HVAC system installation in New Jersey 

At Crosstown Plumbing Supply, we can assist you with any of your HVAC or air conditioning problems. We stock a wide range of energy efficient air conditioners, including central air systems, dehumidifiers and ductless mini-splits, and our sales team has the experience and skills to ensure that you get a practical, high-quality product at an affordable price.

For more information on our air conditioning and HVAC solutions, as well as to have any of your cooling system air questions answered, please visit our website at http://crosstownplumbing.com/ or contact us today.

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