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Need a Local Plumber – Ask Your Local NJ Plumbing Supply Company!

Lets face it, most of the people you deal with in the Plumbing supply business are plumbers. In fact many of our plumbers have been coming to us for years, even decades, and we’ve seen them at their best and at their worst. It’s one of the reason’s that asking your local plumbing supply house who is a reputable local plumber is such a good idea. We have no vested interest in seeing you get the best guy for your job, after all they all buy their stuff from us anyway.

And in that spirit here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about Plumbers and plumbing that may help you navigate your situation a little better.

  1. Monday is a plumber’s busiest day. That’s when all the wives call the plumbers to fix what their husbands tried to do themselves over the weekends….
  2. Don’t put bricks in the toilet to save water… They can keep the toilet from flushing right and create stains and debris. No liquid drain cleaners either, they seldom work and they harm the pipes. Try a good old-fashioned plunger and/or a $30 Auger.
  3. Make sure all the adults in the house know where the main water cutoff valve is. Really, I mean walk over there right now and show them. If you ever have a leak, by the time you call a plumber and they show up, tens of thousands of dollars of water damage can have occurred.
  4. So-called “Flushable Baby Wipes” aren’t. They are one of the main culprits in clogged pipes, they don’t really break down the way the manufacturers say they do.
  5. Always pay your plumber by the job, not by the hour. Just sayin’…


And if you still feel compelled to do it yourself, don’t forget that a plumbing supply company like Crosstown is your best place for supplies and free advice.

Just ask for Lenny!

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