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NOx Emissions and Boilers – What You Need To Know

Boilers are vital parts of heating systems in homes, businesses and industry, and it’s important to ensure that they are operating safely for the health of our families, co-workers and the environment. One of the topics that frequently come up is NOx emissions, so here’s a quick guide to what this is all about.

What are NOx emissions? 

NOx is a term that is used to refer to nitrogen oxides, gasses that are created during the combustion process when nitrogen in the fuel that boilers use comes into contact with oxygen in the air. The amount of NOx emissions formed in this process is affected by a variety of factors, including the amount of nitrogen in the fuel, flame temperature, combustion air temperature and excess air levels. These emissions aren’t just coming from boilers, but also from vehicles and stationary engines.

Why do NOx emissions matter? 

These emissions fall into the category of greenhouse gasses that have a severe effect on health and the environment. Nitrous oxide is a contributor to the breakdown of the ozone layer and 298 times worse than CO2 because it takes much longer to break down, while nitrogen oxide is a major pollutant and a component of smog, irritating the eyes and lungs.

In essence, reducing NOx emissions into the atmosphere is an effective way to reduce a wide range of health and environmental problems, from acid rain and global warming, to water quality deterioration and breathing problems.

Is my boiler reducing NOx emissions? 

Through federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state environmental agencies, and various laws like The Clean Air Act, NOx emissions have been effectively reduced since the 1970s. Investing in modern boilers, especially those with high-efficiency ratings and an AFUE of 90-98.5% is especially important in the fight for clean, healthy air.

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