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Powerflushing and Bleeding Your Radiators Improves Boiler Performance

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It’s cold outside and our home and commercial radiators and heating systems are working hard to keep us warm and cozy. However, this means that energy bills are also high at this time of year – but is there any way to bring them down? According to boiler specialists, the best way to save on your energy bill is to keep your boiler running at its best performance levels.

What is Powerflushing or Bleeding a Radiator? 

  • Bleeding a radiator: This is a process whereby you release any air trapped at the top of your radiator. This allows hot water to fill the whole space within the radiator, maximizing its heat output. If your radiator is hotter at the bottom than it is at the top, this is a sign it likely needs bleeding.
  • Powerflushing a central heating system or boiler: It’s normal for these systems to experience a buildup of debris over the years, especially if the system is old or hasn’t been maintained. The sludge that forms in the system slows the heating process as well as the circulation system, causing the system to draw more power. Professional flushing of the system will clear all this sludge out, allowing it to work far more efficiently, drawing less energy and producing better heating results.

Signs that Your Heating System Needs Powerflushing 

If your system is exhibiting the following problems, you may require powerflushing:

  • Cold spots at the bottom of radiators
  • Dirty water when bleeding radiators
  • Needing to bleed radiators frequently
  • Boiler is switching on and off frequently
  • Pipe gets hot, but radiators remain cooler
  • Radiators take a long time to heat up
  • Unstable boiler temperatures
  • Lack of hot water or running out of hot water quickly
  • Whistling noise from boiler

Lack of maintenance and old age are common reasons for heating system problems, and you may require replacement parts and equipment to replace corroded or damaged components.

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