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Sewer Snakes – When and How to Use Them

Drain or sewer snakes are useful additions to any homeowner’s toolkit, helping to unclog drains quickly and easily. Here’s a quick guide to these tools from plumbing wholesalers in New Jersey.

Common Issues a Sewer or Drain Snake can Solve 

These are a great tool for small clogs in your plumbing system, like clogged bath or shower drains, clogs in bathroom and kitchen sinks and so on. They are highly effective on clogs caused by hair (human and pet), food debris, and toilet paper.

However, they won’t work on larger clogs and root growth. While the sewer snake may be able to punch a hole through a larger clog, the issue will quickly return, so it’s better to call in a professional with larger, stronger equipment for hydro-jetting.

How to Use a Drain or Sewer Snake 

The plumbing snake is a flexible cable attached to a spool that you unwind with a hand crank. Start by inserting the plumbing snake into the clogged drain and pushing it along until it reaches the source of the problem – you’ll feel some resistance, but just keep extending the snake. The snake rotates as it moves down the pipe and as it does so, it breaks up any debris it encounters. This makes it very easy to use, requiring no experience or even an electricity source!

Different Drain Snakes 

There are several different types of drain snake on the market. These include toilet augers, which are suited to toilet clogs, urinal augers for men’s urinals, and top snakes with longer cables for drains in bathtubs/showers/sinks.

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