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Should you Have a Plumbing Inspection done Before Buying a Home?

Before buying a home in New Jersey, it’s essential to invest in a professional plumbing inspection. Unfortunately, unless you’re in the industry, when you view potential homes it’s impossible to know the state of the drains, the pipes, and the entire plumbing system in general. Having an inspection conducted by a professional will help you avoid risks, big expenses, and the inspection will give you an accurate understanding of how good a property’s plumbing system is.

Plumbing inspections will differ depending on the type and condition of the property, but general plumbing inspections cover the following:

  • Inspection of the water filtration systems
  • Shut-off valve inspection
  • Examination of fixtures, supply lines, and drains
  • Inspection of tankless water heaters or water storage tanks
  • Inspection of all sinks, showers, baths, and toilets
  • Inspection of kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room drainage and ventilation systems
  • Thorough inspection of all above-ground plumbing, including the features under the kitchen sink, the bathroom sinks, and any laundry room sinks
  • Water pressure inspection
  • A video camera inspection of drains and sewer pipes underground. This is especially important because it can identify any cracks or other damage that can lead to major problems in the future.

It’s standard to have a general home inspection done when buying a house, but a general home inspection is not extensive enough to identify potential hazards and risks. In order to avoid disappointment and costly repairs, we strongly recommend investing in a plumbing inspection conducted by professionals you trust. They’ll be able to give you a comprehensive assessment of the plumbing around the entire property and alert you to any red flags.

Buying a home is a huge commitment and a huge responsibility, so you deserve to have as much information as possible to inform your decision. We’ve all heard horror stories about someone who purchased a home, only to have an expensive wiring or plumbing disaster several months later. Don’t leave anything to chance – let an expert help you.

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