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Do You Have A Hidden Leak? Look Out For These Signs

Do You Have A Hidden Leak

A hidden leak in your home can cause a lot of damage and leave you with an expensive water bill. While some leaks are immediately obvious, others are hidden deep within the walls of your home. And what’s even scarier, is you may not be able to see them at all. You can, however, watch out for these tell-tale signs that you have a hidden leak in your home to save you some frustration, damage and money.

Increase In Water Bill Costs

Has your water bill increased seemingly out of nowhere? If you haven’t changed your showering, cooking, cleaning, or laundry schedule, then a hidden leak might be to blame. When you have a leak, even if it’s small, water is continuously flowing out of your pipes and through a hole. This results in higher water usage and increased water bills. 

Moldy Smells

If you’ve been smelling something moldy but can’t identify the source, you might have a hidden leak somewhere in your walls or in your flooring. Stale water emits a bad smell. On top of this, when water drips onto wood or other surfaces it can cause it to rot, which results in unpleasant, moldy odors throughout your home. 

Damage For No Apparent Reason 

Are you noticing water damage on your walls, ceiling, or floors? Perhaps the paint has been chipping off your walls, or you notice dark spots appearing on your ceiling. If so, one of your pipes might have sprung a leak, and the leaking water is causing seemingly random damage to your home. 

The Water Pressure Is Lower Than Usual 

A change in water pressure is an indicator that you might have a hidden leak. If you take a shower and notice that your water pressure is lower than usual, or if you run the kitchen faucet and the water isn’t coming out at the same pressure it normally does, one of your pipes might have a hole in it. 

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