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Summer Air Conditioning System Maintenance Tips

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If there’s one piece of equipment that New Jersey home and business owners can’t do without, it’s the air conditioning system. With the summer in full swing, it’s important to keep these running properly if you want to keep enjoying that cool air and minimize your energy expenses. Here are some maintenance tips from our air conditioning system specialists in New Jersey.

  • Clean the air filters: These are found in the unit you’ll find inside your home or building. Clogged filters will reduce the capacity of your unit, reducing the flow of cool air. It also forces your air conditioning system to work harder than it should, increasing energy use and the risk of breakdowns. Simply remove the front panel above the air outlet, remove the filter (rectangular, mesh-like screens) and gently wipe them down gently with a damp cloth before replacing.
  • Check your condenser: This is the large unit that you’ll find outside and it’s responsible for removing warm air from inside. As this unit is outdoors, dirt and debris from the environment are an issue and it should be cleaned regularly. Dirty or blocked condensers cause a decrease in your air conditioning system’s energy efficiency and an increase in your energy and repair bills. Clear away any loose debris and plant life from around your condenser, and make sure there are no twigs or debris close to the fan blades.
  • Clear your coolant pipes: This can be done while you’re checking your condenser, as these are the pipes that run from the condenser into the building. Check that your pipes are in good condition, with no splits, cracks or damage. If they are damaged, you’ll need to replace them as soon as possible.
  • Call in the pros: If you notice that your air conditioning system isn’t performing as it should, or you come across an issue that is beyond your DIY skills, call in the professionals to take a look as soon as you are able. Don’t ignore any potential issues, as this can lead to breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Air Conditioning Installation and Parts from HVAC Specialists in NJ 

At Crosstown Plumbing Supply, we have a wide range of high-efficiency central air systems, condensers, dehumidifiers and ductless air conditioners installation that offer exceptional temperature control and air quality while using minimal energy. We also have all the parts you’ll need for maintaining or repairing your air conditioning system. Customers can also benefit from our 3.5% NJ sales tax! As plumbing supply specialists, we can also recommend air conditioning and HVAC companies to assist you with your repairs.

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