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The Best Tools for Putting a Stop to Clogs

No one likes dealing with a drain clog, but there’s no escaping them! Luckily, these plumbing supplies in New Jersey can make short work of any clog, whether it’s water in a toilet bowl that just won’t drain or rising water in the shower.

For Toilet Clogs – The Toilet Auger

While a plunger works well for minor clogs, they can actually make a clog worse if there’s a blockage deeper in the pipe system. It can also be messy and hazardous to your health! An auger solves all these issues easily. There are plenty of different options available for different budgets and needs, but it’s easy to find one at your local plumbing supply company.

There are hand-cranked manual ones and battery-operated ones of different lengths and designs, but essentially they all work the same way. You simply ease the cable through the trap, feeding it in gently. You then use the forward and reverse settings to break up the clog or remove it.

For Shower or Tub Clogs – The Hair Snake

Hair is the number one culprit behind showers and tubs that won’t drain, with a mess of old hair and soap scum to block up the pipe. A simple solution is a hair snake. This is a simple, plastic tool about 20 inches long. It is covered in plastic barbs that, when you insert the hair snake into the drain, snag on the hair masses and pull them free easily. It’s also a good idea to try preventing these clogs with a drain strainer or hair catcher that gets cleaned after every shower or tub use, especially if you live in a house with lots of long-haired family members!

For Sewer Clogs – A Rooter Unit

While you can buy one of these at your local plumbing supply company, it’s usually more affordable and practical to hire one or ask a professional to help (your plumbing supply company can usually recommend someone). This machine is a life-saver when it comes to sewer line clogs, which can cause sewer water to back up in sinks, tubs, and toilets, posing not only a serious health hazard but also a risk of damage to your furnishings. It’s a powerful piece of equipment that can remove any clog, even those caused by fibrous tree roots. 

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