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These are the Most Popular Kitchen Countertops – And it’s Not Hard to See Why!

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Remodeling your kitchen? The kitchen countertops you choose will need to be durable and practical as well as attractive if you want to add value to your home. Here are the most popular kitchen countertops you can buy – and why they’re great.

Granite – Natural stone used to be found only in the most expensive and exclusive homes, but it’s such a great product that it’s become more affordable and more available over the years. Granite is very hardwearing as well as heat and stain resistant, coming in a wide range of colors including mottled white, deep black, reds, greens, greys and browns, all with naturally-occurring variegation. The most affordable granite is found off the high street at plumbing wholesalers.

Solid surface – This is a man-made countertop that’s created from acrylic or polyester, or a combination of both, and can include chips of natural stone. It’s stain and heat resistant, and small scratches can be easily buffed out, while any deeper damage can be filled, keeping them looking brand new. These countertops can come in any color or texture imaginable, including natural stone and a glamorous glitter effect.

Laminate – Laminate countertops have come a long way since their invention in the 1950s! New technology has made this product more beautiful and more durable than ever before, and it’s also the most affordable countertop option you can get. It’s made out of thin layers of MDF that is soaked in resin to make it hard enough to use in kitchens. It’s not as stain or heat resistant as the other countertops, and it can be cut by knives, but it will last decades if cared for properly. It’s also easy to install and many people use it for DIY kitchen projects.

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