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Tips for Replacing Your Air Conditioner

With spring here and summer on its way, you might be considering replacing your air conditioners or central air system at your New Jersey home or business in preparation for the coming heat. This can be an expensive project, so here are some tips for making this worthwhile investment affordable and budget-friendly:

  • Visit a wholesaler –As a wholesaler, Crosstown Plumbing Supplies is the go-to supplier for contractors, professionals and customers. We offer a much wider range of systems, from ductless air conditioners to parts and air filters, so you have the best range of buying options.
  • Choose high efficiency – With high efficiency rated systems, you save much more in the long term on your energy bills, ensuring you’re not just getting a good deal off the floor. This also allows you to apply for rebates through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program for homes and businesses, as well as federal tax credits. We offer cost effective and “State-of-the-art” ecologically smart air conditioner solutions that are designed to save you money and fit seamlessly into any existing heating application you have.
  • Get expert advice-In addition to offering an extensive range of central air systems, ductless air conditioners and condensers, our sales team is also fully trained to assist you in choosing the right system for your needs and putting you in touch with skilled contractors who will deliver a professional installation for less. We also offer a service which checks your property’s performance, looking at insulation, duct sealing, windows, doors and other areas that can help your home or business reduce its energy costs.

Crosstown Plumbing Offers Major Savings

Crosstown Plumbing Supply not only has a huge inventory of quality products at low prices. We are also located in a 3.5% sales tax zone. You will experience significant savings with us, especially compared to other big-box stores. For more information on our air conditioning systems, please contact us today.

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