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Tips To Make Plumbing Last Into The New Year

The holidays are a time full of family, food, and making memories, but they can be very tough on your plumbing. Everyone is home from work and school, you’re cooking more and eating more at home, and your bathrooms get much more use than normal when you have friends and family over to celebrate. In order to avoid disruptive and expensive plumbing problems over the Christmas period, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips for you to keep your plumbing systems as efficient as possible well into 2021. 

  1. Check all of your sinks and toilets for any drips, any running water, or any slow drainage. Some plumbing problems are hard to notice at first, like a sink drain that gradually drains more and more slowly, and by the time you notice it, it requires a professional to fix it. Take stock of any issues now and speak with a plumber if you have any concerns. 
  2. Use drain screens in all your sinks and showers. Even if you diligently scrape your plates into the garbage can before rinsing them off, you’ll be surprised how many food scraps a drain screen can catch, saving you from a clogged kitchen sink. Shower drain screens catch hair that would otherwise make your shower drain more slowly. It’s a quick, easy fix that keeps your drains healthy.
  3. Check your hot water heater before the Christmas break. You use your hot water heater everyday, but when is the last time you actually took a look at it? As we deal with cold winter temperatures across New Jersey, the last thing you want is for your hot water heater to malfunction, so check the pressure relief valve and prevent sediment build-up by draining it at least once a year. 

Don’t abuse your garbage disposal 

We know it can be tempting to empty your holiday plates down the drain and let your garbage disposal do all the work, but putting too much strain on your disposal can lead to a serious clog. Plumbing professionals will all agree it’s best to scrape your plates clean as much as possible before rinsing any excess food down the drain, especially during the holiday season when your drains are working harder than usual. You don’t want your Christmas celebration to be interrupted by a broken down sink, or a clog that you can’t fix, so use your garbage disposal sparingly. 

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