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What high water pressure does to your plumbing

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Irregular water pressure or consistently strong water pressure from your taps and faucets can mean that the water pressure coming from your mains is too high. This may not seem like a serious problem, but it generally leads to significantly increased water bills and a dramatically higher likelihood of leaks in your pipes and fittings. Here’s some advice on what to do from your local plumbing supply company in New Jersey.

How to identify too high water pressure 

Signs that your water pressure is too high include:

  • Water coming out of your taps too hard, splashing out of the sink
  • Banging in your pipes (this is also known as a water hammer)
  • Purchase a pressure gauge and install it onto your hose outlet or a faucet near your water meter. Anything over 80 psi is too high for your pipes and requires lowering. Be sure to check at a few different times during the day, as pressure can fluctuate.

Causes of too high water pressure 

There are several reasons for water pressure going too high, including:

  • Living at the bottom of a hill, so your water pressure is affected by running downhill
  • Thermal expansion in your home caused by your water heater
  • Your water company increasing pressure to help supply tall buildings and fire hydrants in your area

What to do about too high water pressure in your NJ home 

Installing a pressure regulator is the most effective way of keeping your home’s water pressure at a reasonable level. This will prevent water wastage as well as safeguard your pipes, fittings and appliances against damage caused by high pressure wear and tear.

Parts, tools and advice from your local NJ plumbing supply company 

If you are concerned about your home or property’s water pressure or require replacement parts, fittings and appliances for plumbing repairs, speak to our experienced staff at Crosstown Plumbing Supply.

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