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What is greywater recycling and how can you benefit?

grey water recycle

Greywater is fresh water that has been used in your home and usually goes straight down the drain after it has been through your shower, sinks and home appliances. Although this water is “dirty”, with the right recycling system it can be put to use around your home, with a lot of benefits!

Benefits of greywater for homeowners

Even if you live in an area that receives a high level of rainfall, you can still benefit from this recycling system. This includes:

  • Reduced water bills by as much as 30%
  • Supplements a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Ensures water supply in the event of droughts, shortages or even cut-offs through the storage system
  • Reduced pressure on your area’s waste water systems, translating to less wear-and tear, fewer repairs and expansions paid for by your taxes
  • Healthy for gardens, including fruit and vegetable gardens
  • High in nutrients for lawns and plants
  • Consistent irrigation is possible even when water restrictions are in place.

Go green with greywater recycling 

If you’re looking for ways that you can live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle without breaking the budget, a greywater recycling system is a great way to go. They are affordable, easy to install (many people choose to go the DIY route) and offer homeowners meaningful results while creating greater water security for your community and the natural environment.

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