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What to Do Before You Switch on Your Air Conditioning System

Spring is just arriving, and summer isn’t too far away. This means now is the perfect time to do some quick air conditioner home maintenance! Here are six important steps to take before you turn on your AC unit for the first time, from the leading wholesalers of HVAC systems in New Jersey.

Step One – Thermostat: 

How old is your home’s thermostat? Installing a smart thermostat will help you save money and energy while keeping your home comfortable.

Step Two – Vents: 

Take a walk through your home and check all your AC vents, removing anything that could block airflow (drapes, toys, furniture, and the like). And, remember to clean each vent with a vacuum and a damp cloth.

Step Three – Drain Line: 

AC and HVAC system drain lines can get clogged with buildup over time. You can flush one cup of bleach down the line followed by a gallon of water, clearing out the drain line and taking care of any bacteria or mold growth. A clogged drain line causes water to back up and drip inside your home, leading to water damage and mold growth.

Step Four – Air Filter: 

Your air filter should be cleaned seasonally (both at the start of summer as well as the end). It should also be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A clean, new air filter ensures good airflow into your home and maintains good air quality, which is essential for your health, especially if you or your family suffer from asthma or allergies.

Step Five – Outdoor Condenser Unit: 

Inspect your condenser unit outside your home, cleaning the area around the unit. There should be no leaves, shrubbery or debris against the unit as this will affect performance.

Step Six – Refrigerant Lines: 

Over time, these lines can wear or degrade, leading to refrigerant leaks that will affect the performance of the unit. If you spot any leaks or the pipes seem to be in poor condition, they should be replaced by a professional. Ignoring leaks can permanently damage your HVAC system, causing important components to overheat.

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