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What to do When Strange Smells are Coming From your HVAC System

There’s nothing worse than when your HVAC system starts to smell – it’s not only unpleasant, it can be bad for your health or dangerous to your property, so it’s important to find out what the source is and deal with it before it gets any worse. Here are some tips from our plumbing supply company in New Jersey.

The Number One Culprit Behind Smelly HVAC Systems in New Jersey? Mold! 

Mold loves growing where it’s warm, damp and dark – and that’s the inside of your HVAC system. When it’s running, there’s a lot of condensation that forms inside the unit. When this moisture can’t drain out easily, it seeps into the ducts of the system where the mold thrives. So, what can you do?

  • Buy a mold inhibitor: There are products made specifically for HVAC units that will help prevent mold growth. Make sure that the inhibitor you are applying is labeled for use by the EPA in HVAC systems, and apply as directed.
  • Disinfect your HVAC: This will work to kill off any mold inside the HVAC system to prepare it for the mold inhibitor, which will stop future mold growth from occurring. It will also thoroughly clean the system and ensure that it is hygienic. As with the mold inhibitor, you need to choose one labeled for use by the EPA in HVAC systems, and apply as directed.
  • Filter replacement: Filters should be replaced keep your system operating effectively, and wet, dirty filters are often a great environment for mold. While once a year is fine, you should check the filter and clean it monthly, especially in high humidity months.
  • Clear your HVAC system out to prevent moisture build-up: Moisture is key to mold growth, so ensuring that it is minimized will help prevent growth. When cleaning your HVAC unit, use an industrial wet vacuum to remove any standing water and dry out the system.

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