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What to do with a leaking toilet – Advice from plumbing supply wholesalers

Toilets are simple but effectively designed pieces of equipment, making it relatively easy to troubleshoot, if you know what look for. Below we will review common toilet issues and how to repair them with advice from leading plumbing parts supplier in New Jersey.

Condensation on the toilet water tank

  • What to look for: While this isn’t a leak in the traditional sense, it is an unpleasant situation. Caused by a significant temperature difference between the warm, steamy air of a bathroom and the cooler water in the tank, this issue is fairly common in well-used bathrooms.
  • How to fix it: Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy ways to fix this problem without spending a lot of money. You can install toilet tank liners, which will help insulate the tank water from the warm air to prevent the condensation or you can install an anti-sweat toilet tank valve, which mixes warm and cool water in the tank to reduce the temperature difference which causes the condensation to form.

Water leaking between the water tank and the toilet bowl

  • What to look for: First, carefully remove your toilet tank lid when the tank is full of water (that is, you have not flushed it recently). Add some organic coloring, such as food coloring, to the tank water to stain it. After about 30-45 minutes, check the floor of your bathroom for any drips or pools of colored water. If you find any, you have this issue.
  • How to fix it: These types of leaks are generally due to a worn tank-to-bowl sponge gasket or worn washers on the tank-to-bowl bolts. To replace these parts, you’ll need to empty and remove the tank from the bowl and replace exactly which parts are behind your leak. As this is a pretty time-consuming job, it’s usually best to replace all the washers and their bolts at the same time, since they are likely to have a similar level of wear.

A cracked water tank

  • What to look for: Perform the food coloring test as outlined above. If drips or streaks of colored water appear on your water tank itself, you likely have a cracked tank.
  • How to fix it: Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to fix cracked water tanks and the leak is likely to get much worse over time. The best solution is to replace the tank or the entire toilet itself.

A leaking shut-off valve

  • What to look for: Many people who suspect their toilet is leaking actually have a faulty shut-off valve that has either come loose or become worn, causing water to leak out of it intermittently.
  • How to fix it: Firstly, try to tighten the valve itself. It may have simply come loose or have been loosened by mistake. If this does not work or the valve cannot be tightened, it can be replaced with a new one.

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