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Why you should choose a plumbing wholesaler

Plumbing supplies

You may have heard about plumbing supply wholesalers, but perhaps you aren’t sure what a wholesaler is or how it’s different from a traditional retailer. A wholesaler is the middleman between a manufacturer and a retail business. Most wholesalers purchase products in bulk from the manufacturer at a reduced cost, then sell them to retailers and other businesses – these can be physical storefronts or online shops.

A plumbing wholesaler buys plumbing supplies in bulk from various plumbing manufacturers, then resells them to plumbing supply stores and plumbing companies. Industry professionals often prefer working directly with plumbing wholesalers for several reasons:

  • A bigger selection. If you’ve ever visited an outlet store, or a furniture showroom, you were probably struck by the amount of merchandise available. Wholesalers often stock much more than traditional retail stores, so you’ll have your choice from many different brands, sizes, colors, styles, and more. Whether you’re designing a bathroom from scratch or replacing a few pieces of hardware, you’ll find everything you need from a plumbing wholesaler.
  • Specialist knowledge. Even plumbers with decades of experience learn new things on the job, and wholesalers often have specialist knowledge that can benefit even the most seasoned plumber. Plus, wholesalers can recommend new products that may not be well-known yet.
  • Affordable prices. Whether you want to buy plumbing materials in bulk or you need just a few supplies, wholesalers generally have lower prices than traditional retailers. One common misconception is that you can only shop at a wholesaler if you’re buying in bulk, but you can buy supplies in smaller quantities as well. 

What is the best place to buy electrical and plumbing items at wholesale prices? 

At Crosstown Plumbing we’re proud to serve northern New Jersey by providing electrical and plumbing items at wholesale prices. Building contractors, plumbers, and homeowners alike will find market-leading plumbing supplies and tools when they visit us.

For more information about Crosstown Plumbing, or if you have any questions about buying directly from a plumbing wholesaler, please contact our team today. Discover why so many people in New Jersey choose us as their trusted plumbing supplies wholesaler. 

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