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Why your air conditioner is constantly running and what to do

The hottest, most humid months of summer are here and that means one thing and one thing only – air conditioning. Life would be far more uncomfortable without this technology, but it’s important to keep this hard-working equipment in great shape in order to ensure they run properly. One common issue that can come up this time of year is that they run constantly. Here’s why it’s a problem – and what to do about it.

Firstly, it isn’t normal that your air conditioning system is running non-stop – it’s the result of a problem within the system. And it isn’t just noisy either, it can cost you a lot of money when your energy bill arrives! Common causes of this issue include:

  • Improper air conditioner installation: Badly installed air conditioners often mean equipment has been linked up to the wrong duct size. If the ducts are too big for the unit, your air conditioner will not be able to achieve the right airflow through your home.
  • Air conditioner is too small: In order to keep up with your home’s cooling demands, your air conditioner has to be the right size for the space – not too big, and not too small. Small units will have to work overtime and likely stay running to try keep the home cool. This not only uses a lot of energy, it also means heavy wear-and-tear on the unit, so the likelihood of breakdowns is much higher too.
  • Clogged air filters: Air filters need to be cleaned or replaced according to manufacturer guidelines, which may be up to once a month. Dirty filters restrict air flow, making the equipment work hard and run more often to try cool the air. It also prevents the machine from removing moisture from the air, so it keeps running. This can also make your system overheat and break down.
  • Dirty air conditioner coils: As with the filters, these need to be regularly cleaned and replaced according to manufacturer guidelines, usually on an annual basis. Dust and dirt on these coils reduces the efficiency of the heat transfer process, resulting in poor cooling performance and increased running time. Professional plumbing companies can do this during their annual servicing of the machine.

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