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Window Air Conditioners Suck – Here’s Why..

For most people the first thing they think of when they need to cool down a room is one of those classic, box-like, clunky, noisy, shove-them-in-your-window air conditioners. There are literally hundreds of types to choose from in all major brands, and they are sold everywhere from major appliance stores to the local ShopRite supermarket.

At Crosstown Plumbing, we made a decision a while ago not to sell these at all. Not a single one, not a single brand. Sorry, try Walmart…

It’s not like these products wouldn’t be a moneymaker for us, we get asked for them all the time. But being in the business of HVAC supply for over 30 years, we realized a while ago that there is another kind of room cooling solution so fundamentally better in so many ways that we decided it would be all we carried.

Mr. Air Conditioner welcome to the 21st century and meet Mr. Ductless Mini-Split. You can think of a mini-split as a central air conditioning system that requires no ductwork, yet can cool multiple zones. Perfect for a high rise or an average sized home.

Despite sounding like an ice cream treat, a ductless mini-split represents a major advance in room cooling systems for the home

  1. You don’t have to give up the use of a window in the summer when you want it.
  2. They are dead quiet because the compressor is outside.
  3. They are mounted high on a wall for better overall cooling efficiency and better aesthetics.
  4. They typically use less power than window air conditioners.
  5. They do not create a security risk for your home as almost all window units can be removed from the outside, while the vent opening for a mini-split is less than 3 inches wide.
  6. Larger units can easily cool multiple rooms or an entire floor, are cheaper than installing central air systems and require no ductwork.

Crosstown plumbing carries a number of mini-split products. Our current favorites are made by Pridiom and they have models that can cool everything from a single room, to a mulitzone dwelling delivering up to 17,00 BTU’s of cooling performance. And all of them are Energy Star compliant

While multi-splits should be installed by a professional they have many advantages for the average sized home over Central Air conditioning systems as well. But for that you’ll have to wait for my next blog post entitled “Central Air Conditioning Systems Suck – Here’s Why”.

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