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4 signs your boiler is working perfectly

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Is your boiler working as well as it should be or should you start thinking about repairing or replacing it? Find out from New Jersey plumbing wholesalers:

  1. Enough hot water when you need it: Your boiler should be able to supply you and your household with enough hot water even during high demand times in the morning and evening. If your boiler has started developing hot water supply issues, it may be clogged with mineral scale deposits or debris, and a professional maintenance service can assist you. If the boiler is in good condition but supply is still too low, it may be time to upgrade to a larger tank or a tankless water heater.
  2. Your energy bills are relatively low: Every household uses a different amount of energy per month, but your bills should stay relatively similar in comparative seasons over the years. If you notice a sudden increase, especially over the winter, it may be due to your boiler, as these systems are responsible for a significant portion of energy usage during this season. It may need professional cleaning, repair and maintenance to restore its efficiency or it may simply be too old to achieve significant energy savings.
  3. You have control: Boilers are responsible for a large portion of your energy bill, so being able to customize its functions to suit your needs is a great way of reducing energy wastage and saving money. In addition to having control over the thermostat, the best boilers also allow you to time the heating to coincide with high demand periods of the day, and reduce temperature and energy use during slower periods.
  4. No leaks: Gas boilers that are old or behind on maintenance can start to leak carbon monoxide due to their inefficiency. Not only is this a sign of a failing boiler, it is also dangerous to the health of anyone in the building, especially in winter when air flow through the property is reduced. Carbon monoxide is responsible for thousands of trips to emergency rooms each year, so it’s best to install a detector and repair or replace your boiler as soon as any issues occur.

 Replacement boilers and parts from New Jersey plumbing wholesalers 

With over 25 years of experience in the New Jersey area and a dedication to excellent customer service, you’re guaranteed to find a replacement residential or commercial boiler, repair parts and hot water heater systems that work perfectly for your needs – and your budget at Crosstown Plumbing Supply. If you’d like to find out more about our products or get more advice, please visit our website at http://crosstownplumbing.com/ and contact us today.

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