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DIY enthusiast? Find the widest range of plumbing repair supplies, furnace parts and expert advice in New Jersey

Whether you enjoy small projects around your New Jersey home or are gearing up to remodel your entire bathroom or kitchen, there’s one thing every DIY enthusiast needs – a quality plumbing supplies partner. Here’s what to look for:

  • Range of products: Your plumbing parts supplier should be able to get you the parts you need, whatever your project. From repair parts for heating and cooling equipment to pumps, pipes, valves, gauges, electrical equipment and fittings, you should have a quality part and tool on hand to complete your job.
  • Leading brands: Quality is everything when you’re working on a project at your home or business, ensuring the finished result is as durable, clean and effective as possible. Being able to choose from a variety of leading brands will help ensure you can be confident in your selection without breaking your budget.
  • Quick delivery: Can’t make it to the shop floor? Your plumbing supplies partner should be able to offer you deliver in just 24 hours. This way, you can plan your project, complete the job and handle any unforeseen issues without leaving your home.
  • Advice: If you’re attempting a project that’s new to your set of skills, then having a professional on hand to advise you is invaluable. Specialists on the sales floor or over the telephone can help you plan your project, choose equipment and even evaluate the current state of your project.
  • Affordability: Many DIY enthusiasts are proud to achieve a professional level solution without the price tag, so having a plumbing supply company that offers affordable products will ensure that you don’t overspend on your budget.

Where to find the right plumbing repair and supply company in New Jersey

At Crosstown Plumbing Supply, we take pride in the affordability and range of the products we stock. In addition to plumbing supplies and tools, we also offer heating and cooling systems, wholesale kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops and vanities. As a one-stop plumbing shop we cater to professionals and DIY customers alike and our specialists are always available to offer expert advice on any project. Our customers can also benefit from our 3.5% NJ sales tax. For more information on our plumbing supplies, please contact us today.

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