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Gas Hot Water Heaters – All the Pros and Cons

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When choosing a hot water heater, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want an electric, solar power or gas hot water heater. Here are some insights into what gas models have to offer.

  • Higher hot water delivery – faster: Gas hot water heaters can heat and deliver up to 35% more hot water in an hour than an electric counterpart of the same size. This is especially important in homes where there is a big hot water demand – for example, in larger families where dishwashers and showers, etc. may often run at the same time.
  • Lower energy costs: Electric hot water units often use less energy than gas versions, but the high cost of electricity means that running a gas hot water heater will still be the cheaper option. In fact, it costs 30% less on average over the USA to run on gas.
  • Faster recovery for tank water heaters: Gas hot water heaters recover after use 3-4 times faster than electric hot water heaters. This means that you can install a smaller tank – saving space and investment/installation costs while keeping up with hot water demand.
  • Hot water through power outages: If you choose a gas hot water heater with a pilot light, it will stay running throughout power outages, so you still have easy access to hot water.

So now that we know the advantages, are there any disadvantages to consider?

  • Complex installation: If you don’t already have a gas unit, the installation can be a costly and complex process. You’ll need access to a gas line, and you’ll need to install venting as well.
  • Higher maintenance: While quality gas water heaters are designed for low maintenance, they still have more parts than electric units, so maintenance can occur more regularly.
  • Leak and explosion risks: Any gas-powered equipment carries safety risks that electric units don’t. To keep your family and property safe and to minimize these risks, it is essential that you have a high-quality gas hot water heater installed and maintained by qualified professionals, in line with all building codes and regulations.

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